Limbic Emotion-Detecting Wearable

I’m not techy and if honest a bit weary of tech, and seem to have a special gift of breaking it ! So, I was understandably sceptical and also curious to be approached by Limbic to pilot their emotion-detection wearable device as a way to enhance CBT and the client/therapist experience. This is a world first and I think really exciting !

The client has a wearable device (linked with an app on their phone) which detects times of stress and change in mood and then prompts the client to log what happened, the intensity of the emotion (with emojis !) and CBT type questions to consider. This valuable information is fed into the client’s dashboard which I can see and use in session. This is an alternative to the client keeping thought records and perhaps easier to identify triggers, patterns and therefore targets for treatment.

Interesting times ahead, and looking forward to trying this as a therapist and from the clients experience.

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