Why Choose Emma Forbes’ CBT for OCD?

I am a BABCP accredited therapist with 32 years of mental health experience and specialise in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

I am passionate about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), the evidenced based psychological therapy used to treat OCD and other mental health issues.

At times we all experience upsetting thoughts, feelings and negative behaviours which can feel overwhelming. In OCD, these thoughts are particularly distressing and can be accompanied by the urge to wash, check, clean , avoid, or say/do something to make it feel better. The thoughts can be about someone close to you or an issue/belief that is important to you. They may be linked to ‘something bad happening’, violent or sexual. These thoughts or images are so upsetting as the content is the last thing you would wish to happen.

I can help you. I will help you learn strategies to deal with the thoughts, (obsessions), change your relationship with them and let go of the behaviours (compulsions), you may be using for a short-term relief. Examples of techniques are Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Relabelling.

How can I see you?

I work online and see clients in person at my private room in Rochester House, just off Palmeria Square Hove. 

You may prefer to work in person or online depending on your location and preference. I offer Skype and FaceTime sessions.

My hours are Monday -Wednesday 10am to 7pm.

About Me

I have 32 years of mental health experience as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, and have been accredited as a CBT therapist with the BABCP babcp.com since 2007.

With several years working abroad, the experiences have allowed me to be able to work with a diverse spectrum of clients, professions and difficulties.

I moved from Salisbury to Brighton and Hove in 2018 and work as CBT therapist for the NHS as well as having my own private practice for the past 6 years.

I have worked with OCD throughout my career and this is now the focus of practice.

Photo of Emma Forbes CBT Brighton & Hove

CBT is a practical common sense therapy that gets results with your OCD, and therefore makes a positive difference in your life.

Please read more about me, or contact me to ask any questions or book in.

How do I choose a therapist ?

We are all individual and finding the ‘right fit’ in terms of someone you can work with is essential. Always ask questions until you feel comfortable. Many of the OCD organisations have guidance for choosing a therapist and ideas of what to ask in that all important initial conversation.

Thank you for visiting!