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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) therapy can help you manage your symptoms & improve your quality of life

At times we all experience upsetting thoughts, feelings and negative behaviours which can feel overwhelming.

If you find yourself ruminating (thinking about it all the time), feel consumed and unable to let them go, then this could be tipping into OCD territory.

Clients describe feeling anxious and upset when this happens and unable to deal with it alone; this where OCD therapy can help.

The OCD Cycle;
obsessions &

OCD goes against our personal values such as being a kind, caring person.

OCD wants you to buy into the opposite, i.e. that you could be violent, responsible for harm, illness or sexually inappropriate.

Short lived relief
and feeling stuck?

Sadly any relief you feel from the compulsions is short lived as our brain tends to say “What if?”, “Are you sure?”.

This uncertainty or thoughts/sensations associated with them, sets off more anxiety and the OCD cycle continues.

This can leave you feeling ‘stuck’, wanting to hide or withdraw, unable to let go and get on with your life.

Let me
help you

We work together to help you achieve your goals.

The end gain is for you to leave therapy with a toolkit of techniques and strategies with which to move forward. 

Examples of
OCD Themes

OCD makes an individual feel as if they can’t trust their own mind.

Someone without OCD could have a violent thought and recognise that it is simply just a thought. However, a person with OCD who has a ‘Harm OCD’ theme, can worry that just having the thought means they could be violent.

Themes can change or remain the same for a long time.

Here are some examples of OCD themes.

Fear of contamination or dirt

Obsessive thoughts and images often accompanied by extensive cleaning rituals including the home and hand washing.

Contamination can also be mental contamination, that some perceived risk can jump to an object which may be associated with the thought or a stressful experience.

Need for order and symmetry

The need for everything to be in its place or ‘Just Right’ otherwise the person feels extremely anxious or convinced something bad will happen.

Harm thoughts or images about harming yourself/others

Obsessive thoughts, images and impulses about causing harm to someone close to you.

Example: seeing a knife and having an image of stabbing .

Doubting and need to check for certainty

Obsessive thoughts, images and impulses about checking and the need for absolute certainty.

Example: is the door locked, have I turned the cooker off? Are you sure ?

Unwanted intrusive thoughts – about sexual, moral, past incident or religious subjects

Obsessive thoughts or images about strong views that are against your held beliefs and values.

Example: sexuality and religion, or being ‘stuck’ on some past incident which most people would have moved on from long ago.

Unwanted intrusive thoughts about paedophilia

Unwanted sexual thoughts or images about being sexually inappropriate with children.

This is absolutely the last thing the person would ever want to do, and therefore understandably extremely distressing and difficult to tell anyone about.


If you have any questions that I haven’t answered below, please do contact me.

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