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Testimonials for Emma Forbes – CBT for OCD in Brighton and Hove

‘After a big relapse of OCD last year with some accompanying depression, Emma gave me hope that there was a way out of how I was feeling. She is patient and kind, and created the safest space to air out my thoughts, without judgement. My sessions with Emma have by far been the most effective help for my OCD I’ve ever had. Together we worked through anxiety, past trauma, depressive thoughts-and I feel more in control than I have in a long time. I would recommend Emma to anyone !

Sophie-Hove-Uni Graduate

‘After well over a decade of inner struggle wondering what was wrong with me, giving myself a very hard time, feeling permanently anxious and finding day to day life exhausting, choosing Emma as my OCD therapist has been the best thing that could have happened to me. Emma’s has great kindness, perception, clarity of thought, intelligence and warmth and has given me new strength, opening my eyes to where my anxieties came from and shown me that I can be kind to myself because it’s ok to be me. She has helped me to spot those sly OCD symptoms, how they feel, how to identify them and how to treat them. I can now recognise them for what they are and move on which is a power I never had before.

I could not recommend Emma highly enough, she’s given me my life, my energy and my old self back.’

Elle – Full-Time Mum and Quilter- East Sussex

If your’e reading this and thinking I can’t tell someone what’s in my head, you can. I was so pleased to find a therapist that understood me, didn’t think I was a danger or crazy but had this thing called ‘OCD’. Emma helped me get my life back on track”.

Maisie – StudentBrighton

I hold where I am today accountable to Emma’s CBT sessions where I was
able to share everything and overcome the OCD intrusive thoughts I was experiencing everyday.
Emma is truly warm and kind, I had total belief from the very start
that the patience and openness as well as the content of the sessions
were going to clear everything up, but I also found I was able to talk
about myself and have my mental health out in the open for the first
time. Emma was the one who helped me do that, I can’t thank her
Rosie – Student

Having struggled with OCD for years and been ashamed to seek help, I’m so pleased I contacted Emma. She really helped me deal with my thoughts, stop feeling stuck in life and move on.”
Ben – Student

“Emma was completely amazing in helping me. I have been suffering with anxiety for 10 yrs and came to her after reaching a point where I could no longer bear the way it was taking over and limiting my life. I have noticed a huge change in my anxiety and armed with supportive techniques and strategies to manage as I continue to build on and challenge my anxiety”
Sara – NHS Professional

“After leaving the services and having been  unhappy at home  for a long time, I found myself mentally in a very deep and dark hole.  Self medication as ever failed and I had sunk into self-loathing, low self esteem, guilt and complete apathy.  I contacted Emma.  Through a number of CBT sessions, Emma showed me how to build a ladder in the hole, how to climb the ladder and to get out of that awful place.
Nick – Army Veteran

I held myself to impossibly high standards as a doctor, when I myself became unwell and needed support I struggled. 

Your kindness, guidance and understanding have helped me build myself back up to being a better version of myself. I can’t thank you enough.
Leigh – NHS Professional

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