CBT in Strange Times

These are strange times. Anxiety is all about the unknown and the ‘what’ifs’, the things we can’t control. We feel under threat, in danger and our system is on high alert !

One of CBT’s skills I teach is thought challenging; looking at the thought in a more rational way and then reframing. Ok, what do we do when there is a potential risk to ourselves and others ?

I am reminded of the fabulous serenity prayer, always used in 12-step meetings, acknowledging what we can change, what we can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.

Some of this I can control, follow Government advice, wash hands, limit contact and the unknown is really the unknown and not in my gift or control. I could spend hours and days worrying, panic buying, getting stressed . But why? Can’t change it, only my reaction to what’s presented.

Limiting social media, and consumption of news can really help as constantly reading/viewing virus updates will feed the anxiety. We can only do our best, live our life (I’m personally eyeing up the sewing machine at home that has lain dormant for ages) and keep up our normal activities as best we can. As I write this, it’s sunny, an otherwise gorgeous Spring morning and I feel grateful for so much.

So…service as normal but clients have the option of Skype/FaceTime sessions if they would prefer. Get in touch to get some support.

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