F1 Ad surprise !

At Last mental health advertisement in sport, namely Formula1 !

I love a bit of Grand Prix like many people, but not an avid fan. Although I may choose to catch-up on ‘Bake-off’ rather than join my boyfriend for 2 hours of speed, analysis and David Coulthard’s too snug trousers, F1 is fun, exciting and incredibly skilled.

So, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see one of the major insurers spending the big bucks during an ad break to encourage us, to talk and seek help if we’re struggling emotionally, with lots of shots of men. Given the unacceptable statistic that suicide is the biggest cause of death in UK men under 45, and approximenlty 75% of suicides are by men, a refreshing change from the usual macho ad nonsense.

Baby-steps on Big Tyres !

Feeling CALM with the Connor Brothers.

Last Thursday I was thrilled to attend a dinner at The Artists Residence London, in aid of CALM (Campaign against living Miserably) a leading movement against male suicide. The Connor Brothers, http://www.theconnorbrothers.com, are fictional twins, but in real life great friends who produce fabulous pulp fiction images with words that resonate at several levels. Mental health issues are something they are passionate about and it was great to meet them and Ben at CALM to learn more about this important issue. The food was pretty fab too.

Tell Me Beautiful Untrue Things
An example of The Connor Brothers work who hosted a dinner with CALM at The Artists Residence London.

It is my experience that men tend to be more reluctant than many women to get help and therapy. Sadly that culture about ‘man up’ ‘stiff upper lip’ carries on, and I was shocked to learn that suicide is the single biggest killer for men under 45. I appreciate all clients find it difficult to ask for help and make that first contact with a therapist, GP or mental health services, but if you are struggling whatever your gender it’s ok to say ‘help’, and let that lip wobble.