Testimonials for Emma Forbes – CBT in Brighton and Hove


I hold where I am today accountable to Emma’s CBT sessions where I was
able to share everything and overcome the OCD intrusive thoughts I was experiencing everyday.
Emma is truly warm and kind, I had total belief from the very start
that the patience and openness as well as the content of the sessions
were going to clear everything up, but I also found I was able to talk
about myself and have my mental health out in the open for the first
time. Emma was the one who helped me do that, I can’t thank her

Rosie- Student

“Having struggled with OCD for years and been ashamed to seek help, I’m so pleased I contacted Emma. She really helped me deal with my thoughts, stop feeling stuck in life and move on.”

Ben Student

“Emma was completely amazing in helping me. I have been suffering with anxiety for 10 yrs and came to her after reaching a point where I could no longer bear the way it was taking over and limiting my life. I have noticed a huge change in my anxiety and armed with supportive techniques and strategies to manage as I continue to build on and challenge my anxiety”

Sara- NHS Professional

After leaving the services and having been  unhappy at home  for a long time, I found myself mentally in a very deep and dark hole.  Self medication as ever failed and I had sunk into self-loathing, low self esteem, guilt and complete apathy.  I contacted Emma.  Through a number of CBT sessions, Emma showed me how to build a ladder in the hole, how to climb the ladder and to get out of that awful place.  

Nick- Army Veteran


I held myself to impossibly high standards as a doctor, when I myself became unwell and needed support I struggled. 

Your kindness, guidance and understanding have helped me build myself back up to being a better version of myself. I can’t thank you enough.

Leigh- NHS Professional


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