About Emma Forbes CBT in Brighton and Hove

At times we all experience upsetting thoughts, feelings and negative behaviours can feel overwhelming.

Talking, learning new strategies and changing your perspective about a problem can enable you to move forward.

Working collaboratively with you, I can help you achieve this.

I practice Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, an evidenced based psychological therapy to help you overcome any emotional or mental health difficulties you may be experiencing.

Emma Forbes Brighton and Hove CBT

About my experience

I have worked in mental health services for over 29 years and feel passionate about working with people to achieve their optimum positive mental health.

Although I originally trained as a Registered General Nurse (RGN), I quickly discovered that my really love was mental health and this led to training for my Registered Mental Nurse (RMN) qualification in 1990.

I have been practicing as an accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT) therapist since 2007.

You can view my BABCP listing here.

I have worked in both the UK and abroad, including jobs with the British Army in Germany and in the Caribbean. These experiences have allowed me to be able to work with a diverse spectrum of clients, professions and difficulties..

So, how does working with a CBT therapist/RMN help me?

Working with a cognitive therapist who is also an RMN gives you the best of both worlds; access to an evidence-based (i.e. it works!) psychological treatment, and the knowledge and expertise of an experienced mental health practitioner.

So, whether you are suffering from problems with depression, anxiety, addiction, Obsession Compulsive Disorder (OCD), phobias, or the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),  feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

I believe as a client you are the expert, therapy should be client centred and work with your goals; allow me to help you achieve them.  

I understand that contacting a therapist can feel daunting, but feel assured that this is a first important step to deal with life’s slings and arrows. If you would like to discuss how CBT can help with your current difficulties do get in touch.


Accredited Behavioural and Cognitive Therapist with BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies).

Registered Mental Health Nurse, Certificate in Counselling Skills.