About CBT sessions in Brighton and Hove

What happens in a CBT Session?

Our first session is an assessment session and will last 60-75 minutes. This will give us time to discuss your current difficulties and hopes or goals for treatment. Its also a chance for your to decide if you want to work with me!

At the end of this session you will leave with an understanding of how CBT works and suggested targets for treatment.

Examples of symptoms we can work on include:

  • Any unhelpful ways of coping   (e.g. avoidance, self harm or substance misuse)
  • Any unhelpful thoughts  (such as a negative focus or ‘all or nothing thinking’)
  • Intense unpleasant emotions you may be having (such as hopelessness, shame or guilt)
  • Unpleasant physical sensations  (for example, lethargy, palpitations or sweating)
  • Traumatic experiences   (for example coping after an assault, relationship break up or redundancy)

Whats’ next ?

IdeasSubsequent sessions will be 50 minutes long. I aim to help you overcome your difficulties with a range of techniques to provide you with a ‘took-kit’ to take away at the end of treatment.  In this way it is a very practical therapy working more in the ‘here and now’ than traditional psychotherapy. As CBT is a collaborative process, you may be asked to try out some of these techniques between sessions such as keep a thought diary for discussion next time., and in this way CBT is a collaborative process.

How many sessions will I need?

Depending on the complexity of your situation this will vary.

However, it is but it is important to attend regularly, and I always recommend weekly sessions for the first weeks in order for us to make quick progress. 

It’s difficult to predict an “average” amount of sessions. Usually 6-16 is suggested, with the option of top up ‘booster ‘ sessions if you need them.

During treatment we will regularly take stock, summarise progress and check you are getting the most out of your sessions. 


Sessions are £70 for 50 minutes.

For the initial assessment, please allow up to 75 minutes at no extra charge.

What is CBT?

Please read more information about CBT here.

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