Testimonials for Emma Forbes – CBT in Salisbury

“I genuinely feel I would not be where I am today if it were not for Emma….with your help and support I have my life back.”
Margaret – Fordingbridge


Happy client“Emma treated me with respect and kindness. Through meeting her she helped me to find the path to understanding my problems. I felt I was not alone anymore.”

Charlie – Amesbury


After leaving the services and having been  unhappy at home  for a long time, I found myself mentally in a very deep and dark hole.  Self medication as ever failed and I had sunk into self-loathing, low self esteem, guilt and complete apathy.  I contacted Emma.  Through a number of CBT sessions, Emma showed me how to build a ladder in the hole, how to climb the ladder and to get out of that awful place.  

She showed me how to regain all those things I had lost and how to lose those negative influences that were making life unbearable.  Emma created an atmosphere in which I could talk to her frankly about anything and I had an overwhelming feeling of absolute mutual trust which was bliss.  There was warmth, understanding and a real sense of making progress.  I feel that I have a debt to her which I cannot repay.”

Nick, Salisbury

I held myself to impossibly high standards as a doctor, when I myself became unwell and needed support I struggled. 

Your kindness, guidance and understanding have helped me build myself back up to being a better version of myself. I can’t thank you enough.

Leigh, Salisbury